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Energy Healing

Energy Healinging MiamiThis information is part of Medicina Integral, S.A. website in relation to Energy Healing used in Quantum Integrative Medicine.

Quartz emits radiation of low frequency energy that make up our planet by 75%, unlike the others, this mineral always has the same intensity, speed and length, i.e., the frequency is stable. So it is also used in the world of electronic and that is why quartz watches are very accurate.

In their natural form quartz has various components that give different hue and color. Energetically this translates into different wavelengths; this gives us the opportunity to work a wider range of energies within the body.

When in contact with skin quartz give up their energy, so we can fix certain waves of frequencies that harm us. When removed from the skin they recover their function and collect solar energy again and do not necessarily placing them directly in the sunlight, but just leaving them exposed to day light.

Crystal healing has had a rapid change with the appearance of units made ​​with crystals and precious stones, with increasing efficiency, thanks to the research of the Kardem Institute that is at the forefront of alternative medicines.

We can integrate into our lives this therapeutic medical resource, highly effective in maintaining health and as an adjunct in the treatment of diseases.

The laws governing crystals symmetry classifies them within 7 systems, according to the number of faces or facets. For quartz, this is a natural conductor of electromagnetic energy flowing freely through its structure. This energy can be stimulated by the heat of our body, sunlight, contact with other crystals and metals.

When quartz is rubbed, it becomes electrified and retains the charge for about 1 hour, which is why it’s said that it stores energy.

This is an example of the units made ​​with crystals and activated with high voltage electromagnetic fields.