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Hebrew Pendulum

What is the Hebrew pendulum?

The Hebrew pendulum is an exceptional tool that helps in healing to balance a person at all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The Hebrew pendulum facilitates healing and is a powerful harmonizer of electromagnetic fields.

It is composed of a piece of beech wood, usually made by hand. It lacks a tip, on one side is flat and in the other side has hollow lines. It hangs with a cotton rope, and comes with a series of labels written in Hebrew.

How to use the pendulum: Hebrew pendulum labels

On the labels of the Hebrew pendulum, there are words and verbs with symbolic and sacred values that generate specific vibrational waves, which promote diagnosis and healing.

The Hebrew pendulum reacts to an alteration of the body’s electromagnetic frequency, mainly caused by an emotional imbalance. The way we use the pendulum varies according to the intent with which we project ourselves.

Its smooth part, for example, is used to detect alterations in electromagnetic fields that can cause physical disorders or even diseases. The other side, with hollow lines, is used to emit energy, heal, and rebalance. One of the principles of this therapy is that the disease manifests itself when there are alterations in the electromagnetic frequency of the body, most often caused by an emotional imbalance or harmful behavior patterns, negative thoughts.

The Hebrew pendulum treatments can be performed on ourselves or wherever we feel is appropriate, whether in our home, at work or in any space where we spend time carrying out any activity, and therefore, we discharge some of our energy.

What is the Hebrew pendulum for?

The Hebrew pendulum serves, among other functions, for everything set out below.

– Unlock the connection channel with the divine source, as it enhances the abilities and gifts of each individual.

– Detects and treats miasmas and larvae (energy attached to the energy field). Reprograms the body at the cellular, genetic, metabolic, and chemical level, facilitates healing.

It is a powerful magic tool. Clean and combat situations of black magic, evil eye, or any other kind of bad fortune. In addition, it allows you to cancel contracts, votes, and promises either from present life or from other past ones. Similarly, it locates and heals ancestral blockages.

– Find and deprogram bad habitat vibrations on many levels.

– Unlock, clean, activate and balance the body’s Chakras, that is, the energetic points we all have.

– Detects and repairs possible cracks in the aura, as it cleanses, balances, and restores this field. It also treats and cures situations related to karma.

– Helps to break down negative thoughts and beliefs.

It is important to note that, while the Hebrew pendulum works on the energy plane, we should not expect our problems to be fixed on their own, but we must be proactive and direct our efforts to solve what is jarring in our lives. In a way, it helps us become aware of what patterns or bad habits we should correct.

How is the Hebrew pendulum different from the radiesthesia pendulum?

As we have already explained, the Hebrew pendulum modifies and processes the information that we bring to this existence and that may be linked to past lives. It helps to find that something that prevents us from progressing and unlocking it.

The Hebrew pendulum is different from the radiation pendulum, as this other pendulum achieves is to feel the vibration emitted by certain forms of energy. In radiesthesia, in addition to a pendulum, rods, or even a hazel branch can be used. With radiation esthesia, we do not take away bad vibrations from our present or past lives, but nevertheless, we can find lost objects or discover areas through which water circulates. With good predisposition and good practices, through the traditional pendulum, good results can be achieved with the use of radiesthesia.

How is a Hebrew pendulum session conducted?

In my practice, for personal cleansing the client lies on a massage table, listening to relaxation music and enjoying aromatherapy. Depending on the session, it takes hour and a half but it could be an extended session to include energy balancing with Quantum Integrative Medicine. You will be very relaxed while I do the pendulum work and change the labels written with sacred Hebrew words, to detect and radiate energy. There are different protocols according to your needs, including strengthening your electromagnetic field against infectious diseases.

These types of sessions can be applied in person or remotely, you can contact me to give you details of how I do the remote work.

The Hebrew Pendulum has many applications, including the following:
– Personal energy cleansing
– Energy cleansing of residential or commercial properties
– Balance of the electromagnetic field in the chakras
– Special treatment for the heart chakra and solar plexus
– Prevention of infectious diseases and their treatment
– Irradiation of positive energies
– Activation of the 13 layers of the DNA
– Reflexology

For house or property cleansing, you just have to send me a simple plan of the house where you draw all the areas of the house including the patio if there is one and I do the work remotely.