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Akashic Records Reading

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records represent the most extraordinary collection of living and inexhaustible knowledge of the cosmos, organized in such a way that all the wisdoms relate to each other.

They symbolize then “the central memory of the Universe”, which is found in them in energetic form and the model of all the patterns on which it is built, as well as the patterns of molecules, our genetic code, the structures of societies and families. Everything is inside the memory of the Akashic records and that is why we could call it “memory of the future”.

Hence, in the Akashic records we find our original patterns, our true essence. In Akashic Reconnection Therapy we recover these patterns of normality that we lose throughout each incarnation, whose ultimate goal is spiritual awakening.

This center of wisdom is cared by the Creative Energy and 20 other spiritual beings, of unsuspected intelligence, as custodians of the administration of knowledge in the cosmos, in the multiverses.

These beings are a combination of angels of the highest development and the powers they are obliged to guard. In addition, they generate by angelic chains, each of the 20 subtle bodies of the human being and, therefore, each of them specializes in a sector of knowledge, but none of them ignores the knowledge guarded by the others. When a person asks them for information, the mind of the custodian to whose sector the requested knowledge belongs seems to be emptied to be immediately filled again by the same Records.

We will have many possibilities that these prodigious beings answer us if our motivation is inspired by the collective needs of humanity. Thus, we also understand that selfish motivations will have no answer. It is the Creative Energy that decides who are the prophets who will receive its wisdom.

The spiritual mission of each one is the one that will give the motivations that justify that the Akashic Records are set in motion to respond to those who ask them. The laws of access to the records are silent and inexorable.

Access is about becoming better human beings in learning and achieving spiritual awakening. Remember that the blessings are already present. Let this encounter be the process by which they can manifest in our lives.

What is the origin of the word Akasha?

Akasha is a term of Sanskrit origin whose etymology is really unknown. Its meaning has been determined based on the context in which the word has been used in ancient texts. Among various meanings, it is considered as the primordial substance through which everything has been formed. In other conceptions, Akasha is the creative substance and generator of all universes. It is also known as the fifth element, the ether. Everything is recorded in the ether, in the heart or nucleus of the Akasha, taking the ether as immaculate and subtle energy, as the fifth element.

Therefore, the Akashic Records are the records of the journey of the Soul, through the material and immaterial space-time. They are the photographic mind of the Creative Energy, as spiritual impressions are recorded there. The Akashic Record represents the journey of every Soul from its beginning and contains all the possibilities of its future development. In spiritual teachings it is known as the “Book of Life”.

What does an Akashic Records read session looks like?

An Akashic Record access and decoding session consists of opening your Soul’s record allowing the necessary information to emerge for your progress, advancement and evolution. It will support you in the here and now of your life. During the access, partial or complete records of past lives, intrauterine life, birth, etc. can be uploaded.

What is really valuable is the guidance or orientation you receive to better elaborate and work through the patterns that are present in this lifetime, the opportunities for growth and the most appropriate direction to take at this time. The energy during the access balances and blesses us in divine providence, thus manifesting in our lives.

You will be comfortably resting on a massage table, with relaxation music and aromatherapy, while I make the connection, measurements and initial elaboration of the results that I will then put in a personalized report, with explanations and interpretations of all the information that the custodians of the records allow us to access through charts and the pendulum.


How is the access to the Akashic Records performed?

The access is done through sacred symbols, which are considered a master key, as they work through specific vibrations that are tuned to the full name of the person. During the opening of the archives of your soul, blockages in the present life are detected and at the same time the Akashic reconnection centers are activated to unblock thoughts, emotions and repetitive patterns of karmic origin, which only contribute to slow down and prevent the normal development of our evolution. Something that distinguishes this technique from others, is that it is based on spiritual development granting the necessary energy to receive information from higher planes to help the patient to support him/her, guiding him/her about the most propitious path to take in all the events of his/her life.

What is the next step after finishing the Akashic Records reading?

At the end of the reading, I prepare a personalized report with all the data that the custodians of the Akashic Records have allowed us to access through the charts and the pendulum, with the interpretation related to the questions and area of life worked on.

I also include specific treatments for chakras, meridians, area of life, subtle bodies, vows, implants, and much more that are out of balance, as well as a message from your Higher Self.

Follow-up sessions can be done leaving a minimum of one month to complete the treatments and evaluate the progress obtained.