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Gioconda (Yoko) Bagnariol
8:36 pm

Emotional Life Line

Do you need an emotional Life Line? Think of me at Holistic Health and Wellness with Yoko as a lifeline available at 305-728-9022 for yourself, loved ones and friends, because I can give you emotional support with counseling and energy balancing!

Gioconda (Yoko) Bagnariol
2:11 pm

Getting an Emotional Checkup

When was the last time you had an emotional checkup? Get ready to get one at Holistic Health and Wellness with Yoko by calling 305-728-9022. I will support you with counseling and energy balancing so you will be focused and centered!

Gioconda (Yoko) Bagnariol
11:48 am

SPA for your mind and soul!

Have you ever thought about having a SPA day for your mind and soul? Maybe that's a higher priority than you might think. Give me a call at 305-728-9022 if you would like to experience tranquility and peacefulness at a deeper level with energy balancing and counseling!

Gioconda (Yoko) Bagnariol
1:06 pm

Moving in Life!!!

Some times we could be taking care of necessary things like our car batteries so it can take us where we need to go, but what about yourself, are you paying attention to the signs on your physical and emotional bodies to give them the care they need? Take the first step and contact me at 305-728-9022 for support with counseling, energy balancing and nutrition!

Gioconda (Yoko) Bagnariol
2:08 pm

Priorities in Life!

How do you react when your priorities don't take place the way you planned, do you try to learn from the experience,or do you get upset and even yell at people? If you need emotional support in this area contact me at 305-728-9022, with counseling and energy balancing you'll have a clear and centered mind!